I have unashamedly stolen the name of this blog from the excellent novel by David Lodge with the same title. It is about my journey as a deaf person. I was born hearing with a Deaf grandmother who finger spelt everything. Of course we rarely got to the end of a word because she always guessed what was coming! That lovely lady lived to age 104 partly through keeping her mind active in this way.

I inherited her deafness and have been a hearing aid wearer since my forties, some 25 years ago. As my hearing is likely to continue to decline, I am drawn back to the Deaf Community which I have always had an interest in. I first started learning British Sign Language about twenty years ago when I eventually passed Stage One but found Stage Two a challenge. Like any language you need to use it regularly to become fluent. I am now studying it again with a wonderful tutor, Suzanne Chivers in a class of mainly hearing  people. I have also attended a few DeafPLUS Hampshire get-togethers where there is a lovely mix of Deaf and hard of hearing people, some signing and some not, but again a very inclusive environment. So if you are deaf and would like to meet other deaf people in your part of the U.K., do look them up.